Development Tools and Environments


When you undertake a development project with a partner organization, it is important to know what types of projects your partner is experienced with, and what environments they have delivered on.

Secure Information Technologies specializes in Rapid Application Deployments (RAD) and Integrated Web and Database solutions. The following information is provided to give you a basic feel for the type of work we do, and where we have done it. References are available upon request.

Rapid Application Deployment (RAD)

Most of our clients have three things in common. One, they could clearly benefit from process management and process automation. Two, they have very limited budgets for the aforementioned process automation. Three, they want a simple solution that can be easily maintained by existing staff, and they want it quickly.

Secure Information Technologies excels in the creation of cross-platform (PC / Mac / UNIX) process automation solutions that are easy to maintain and fast to deploy. What's more, graced by our extensive experience in the Data Centre, you can be sure that these solutions can be integrated with existing infrastructure, and scaled to a more comprehensive solution as you grow.

Some of the Products we have delivered Rapid Application Deployments on include:

  • Visual Basic (PC)
  • Microsoft Access (PC)
  • RealBasic (cross-platform)
  • FileMaker Pro (cross-platform)
  • X-Window / Motif (cross-platform)

Integrated Web and Database Solutions

Integrated Web and Database application deployments, while they may be relatively rapid, usually are orientated towards a larger user group than our RAD projects. RAD projects are often department-based, while the user community for the typical Integrated Web and Database project would be multi-departmental, or the company client base, or even the general public.

As with everything we do, our Integrated Web and Database solutions are highly integrated with your existing technologies, and available on Macs, PCs, or UNIX systems - often on all three simultaneously.

Some of the Product Mixes we have delivered Integrated Web and Database solutions on include:

    Back End Middleware Front End
    MySQL LDML/Lasso Apache
    FileMaker Server CDML/Web Companion Apache
    PostgreSQL Server WebObjects SunOne Web Enterprise Server
    SQL Server WebObjects Apache

B2B, or Not To Be

Any solution that brings productivity to your clients and/or partners is a solution the pays for itself in multiple ways, again and again. Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) and Extended Process Automation programs require a partner who is well versed in multiple disciplines and complex systems integration.

The following is a list of some of the technologies we specialize in (see our other sections for more details):

  • Multiplatform Integration
  • eXtended Markup Language (XML)
  • Extended Authentication Systems
  • Firewalls and Demilitarized Zones
  • Data Encryption and Data Partitioning
  • Security Policy Adherence Monitoring
  • Virtual Private Networks and Secure Data Transmission


While some of our customers are "Dot Com" organizations, many of them are also "Brick and Mortar" operations. Which ever you are, you may be considering the move towards offering your products and services via the Internet. Regardless of the sometimes bad experiences of the early adoptors and pioneers, electronic commerce represents the future for many, if not most of us.

Most failed e-Commerce projects were poorly concieved and based upon unrealistic expectations. E-Commerce represents a modern revenue stream, and should generally be undertaken as such.

Allow us to enrich your e-Commerce ideas with our extensive experience in e-Business Analysis and e-Commerce deployments. Details of our experience with e-Commerce technologies can be seen in the Products - Internet section.

System Environment

Successful application deployment requires a mix of skills the extends beyond the tools used. The client and server Operating Systems, as well as the Network Infrastructure are critical components as well. We have provided solutions on most major platforms, specializing in mixed environments, including:

  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • OpenVMS
  • Mac OS X
  • Tru64 UNIX
  • Windows NT / 2000 / XP

Professional Design, Analysis and Project Management Services

The greatest tools in the world will not provide you with a usefull solution if your development projects are poorly designed and managed. Secure Information Technologies offers a full suite of Development Services to help ensure your success. Click on Services - Development for more details.


Secure Information Technologies is a full-spectrum Systems Integration service provider, and as such does not maintain exclusive agreements with equipment or software providers. The logos above are not meant to indicate Authorized Reseller or Authorized Service Partner status. They have been provided as a visual reference only. All company and product names and logos are the registered property of the respective organization.