Operating Systems Environment


Systems Integration is a term often used and little understood.  What exactly is to be integrated?  The ISO reference model breaks networked solutions into seven discrete levels:

  • Applications
  • Presentation
  • Session
  • Transport
  • Network
  • Data Link
  • Physical
  • ISO Model

A true Systems Integrator should therefore be expert in integrating the real-world systems and technologies that these seven layers represents. We use the ISO Reference Model as the basis for our Systems Integration Methodology.  The following is an example of the bottom-up review list, based on our methodology, and applied to a real-world project:

  • MySQL - Lasso/LDML - Javascript Code
  • Apache Web Server - IE Mac/Windows 5+ Web Browser
  • LDAP User, Rights and Password
  • Operating System Configuration, Tuning, Security and Management
  • HTTP (port 80) and SSL (port 443) Firewall and Security Issues
  • DNS - IP Routing - Firewall and Security Issues
  • Switched Ethernet - LAN Security/Throughput Issues
  • WAN Connectivity/Security/Throughput Issues

Our engineers are experienced in the multiple diciplines necessary to carry your projects to successful completion. Some projects require LDAP skills, while others require a lot of hands-on Router configuration.  One thing that almost every project requires, however, is expert knowlege of one or more Operating Systems.

Operating Systems Expertise:

Secure Information Technologies engineers are highly skilled with all of the popular server operating systems, including:

  • HP/UX
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • OpenVMS (includign DSSI, SCSI, LAN and DSI Clusters)
  • Solaris (including Veritas and other clustering technologies)
  • Tru64 UNIX (including TruClusters)

Our engineers are Operating System course trainers, which keeps their knowledge at the cutting edge.  We are also highly experienced in System Support, so you can rest assured that your Secure Information Technologies projects will not produce a support nightmare upon delivery.  See Services - Data Centre for more details.

HP-UX Linux Mac OS X OpenVMS Solaris Tru64 UNIX
HP-UX Linux Mac OS X Open VMS Solaris Tru64 UNIX


Secure Information Technologies is a full-spectrum Systems Integration service provider, and as such does not maintain exclusive agreements with equipment or software providers. The logos above are not meant to indicate Authorized Reseller or Authorized Service Partner status. They have been provided as a visual reference only. All company and product names and logos are the registered property of the respective organization.