Security Tools


There is a battle on, and the front lines are right inside your office.  From unauthorized disclosures to malicious data destruction, there has never before been such a wide-spread and all-encompassing security crisis in corporations as there is today.  And why has this happened?  Simply because the same benefits that computers bring to the fore in terms of speed and world-wide connectivity makes cracking, spamming, virus dispersing and denial of service attacking fast, easy and efficient.

The good news is that you can take control of your systems, and regain the productivity and security lost.  Above all, we at Secure Information Technologies are specialists in Identifying and Correcting your Security Vulnerabilities, and agressively Defending the Integrity of your data.

Let us show you how to combine modern tools and proven techniques to change your computing resources from your number one area of risk, back into your number one tool of productivity.

  • PIX
  • Raptpr
  • IPchains
  • Guantlet
  • CheckPoint
  • Intenet Secuirity
    and Performance Server


Virutal Private Networks
  • PGP
  • IPsec
  • PowerVPN
  • CheckPoint
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Intenet Secuirity
    and Performance Server
  • Various VPN Appliances

Networking Tools

Forensics and Analysis
  • EtherPeek
  • Fluke
  • Ethereal
  • Sniffer
  • Net X-Ray


Content Monitoring & Virus Protection
  • Trend VirusWall
  • Symantec AntiVirus Gateway
  • Norton AntiVirus for Firewalls

Virus Protection

Authentication and Single Sign-On
  • Netegrity
  • iPlanet/SunOne
  • Keon / SecureID
  • LDAP / Active Directory
  • Tivoli Directory Integrator
  • Computer Associates eTrust
    Access Manager & Identity Manager

Single Sign-On

Vulnerability Detection
  • Nessus
  • Statan
  • Proventia
  • RealSecure
  • MacAnalysis
  • Symantec NetRecon &
    Vulnerability Assessment


Intrusion Detection and Response Management
  • TripWire
  • Forensics
  • RealSecure
  • Snort / LIDS
  • Symantec Host IDS,
    Intruder Alert, Decoy,
    and ManHunt Servers
  • Symantec Event Manager
  • Symantec Incident Manager

Policy Adherence
  • Symantec
    Security Manager

Policy Tools


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