Application Development, or Process Automation, is usually the answer to the question, “Where is all this productivity that my investment in computers is supposed to bring?” You gain productivity when your own processes become integrated, controlled, and automated.

For almost any useful application, some store of data is necessary. This is why application development often gets mired in the mud; database applications can be costly and complicated.

However, the number one reason for an application development project to fail is not costs, nor technical complexity, but rather the lack of a clear and specific functional definition. In other words, there must be a clear and working process in place to automate. You can not automate your way out of a bad or ill-defined process. Computers make things work faster, so if your existing process does not work, it will simply fail faster after it is automated.

Therefore, the first steps in any application development project is the Needs Review, and generation of a clear and precise Functional Definition.

Secure Information Technologies will review your needs and Functional Definition, generating one if necessary, and provide you with a clear and precise tool for your development. That is step one, and our assistance can end there if you have an in-house team to do the development.

Alternatively, our skilled and experienced developers can provide technical leadership, project management, and full development and implementation services, if that fits your need:

    Analysis and Process Preparation
    • Planning
    • Needs / Requirements Analysis
    • Technical and Function / Risk Analysis
    • Process Mapping
    • Process Design and Reengineering
    • Functional Specification Generation

    Design and Selection
    • Planning
    • Functional Specification Review
    • Technical Specification
    • Security Requirements Specification
    • Technology Selection Assistance
    • Tendering / Call for Offer Assistance
    • Proposal Evaluation Assistance

    • Planning
    • Technical Lead / Project Management
    • Development
    • Security Policy Adherence
    • Quality Assurance
    • Document Control
    • Code Control

    Testing and Infrastructure Preparation
    • Planning
    • User Liaison
    • Stub Testing and Feedback
    • Pre-Deployment Testing and Feedback
    • Database Infrastructure / Integration
    • Network Infrastructure / Integration
    • Client Infrastructure / Integration

    • Planning
    • Database Implementation
    • Network Implementation
    • Client Implementation
    • Server Implementation
    • Support Training
    • Client Training
    • Post-Deployment Testing and Feedback

If you want a fully out-sourced and turnkey solution, that is entirely possible. On the other hand, perhaps you have development skills in-house, or via a third party, but wish to have certain leadership, management and control aspects managed by us. Any mix is possible, just let us know your needs.

We have provided solutions on most major platforms, specializing in mixed environments, including:

  • Windows NT / 2000 / XP
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP / UX
  • OpenVMS
  • Tru64 UNIX
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

As we remain a “product agnostic” service provider, we do not maintain exclusive agreements with software or database providers. To see a list of some the environments where we have deployed custom applications, select Products -> Development.

We are proud of our work, but we also respect the privacy of our clients. References are available upon request for serious inquiries only.