Training, Lectures, Seminars and Workshops


As any good service provider should, we offer fully customized training with all of our projects. This training has become so popular that we are now offering stand-alone, customized training, at our facilities or yours:

(Other topics upon request)

Internet Series
  • 7 Steps to a Meaningful Intranet
  • Internet: Planning your Presence
  • E-Business Roadmap
  • E-Commerce Roadmap
  • Internetworking Security Fundamentals

Security Series
  • Network Security Fundamentals
    (Can feature MS ISA, Raptor, Checkpoint, Gauntlet, PIX, Cisco or IPchains)
  • Network Security Advanced
    (Can feature MS ISA, Raptor, Checkpoint, Gauntlet, PIX, Cisco or IPchains)
  • System Security - Solaris
  • System Security - Tru64 Unix
  • System Security - HP/UX
  • System Security - Open VMS
  • System Security - Windows 2000 Servers
  • System Security - Windows XP Servers
  • System Security - Redhat Linux
  • System Security - Mac OS X / Mac OS X Server
  • Security Awareness Seminars
  • Cisco PIX Security Administration
  • Nortel Router Security Administration
  • CheckPoint Firewall-1 Security Administration
  • Gauntlet Firewall Security Administration
  • Raptor Firewall Security Administration

UNIX Series
  • Bourne Shell Basics
  • C Shell Basics
  • Bourne Shell Scripting
  • C Shell Scripting
  • Advanced Shell Scripting (awk, sed and data management)
  • Solaris System Administrator I
  • Solaris System Administrator II
  • Tru64 System Administrator I
  • Tru64 System Administrator II
  • HP/UX System Administrator I
  • HP/UX System Administrator II
  • Linux System Administrator I
  • Linux System Administrator II
  • Mac OS X System Administrator I
  • Mac OS X Server System Administrator II

Project Management Series
  • Project Management Fundamentals (PMBOK-based)
  • Project Management Advanced (PMBOK-based)

We are proud of our work, but we also respect the privacy of our clients. References are available upon request for serious inquiries only.